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Top 10 Landscape design horror stories…and consequences you don’t want:

Andrew KozikGoing up against the H.O.A. by yourself….and losing.

Tackling the biggest home improvement project yourself…and ending up with grossly amateurish results.

Under estimating long term return on investment versus initial costs…then missing out on extra profits when selling the house.
Over planting…then spending too much for extra maintenance duties, additional watering and fertilizing, paying ten times as much to uninstall.

Awkward landscaping elements out of proportion and reality to the yard…then finding out people have been using your house as a landmark in direction giving.

Inability avoiding impulse buying…without realizing what a chain reaction can do.

The using a stick or spray paint to create a “design in the dirt” syndrome…then trusting a “contractor” with your deposit money to install before a monsoon strikes.
Hearing too many mystifyingly confusing statements …then discovering what happens when certain information isn’t in writing in the first place.

Inability to grasp the import of the concept: “in the long run a good design saves you money”…then finding out it is cheaper to do a project right the first time.

Failure to act…Waiting never helps anything. Labor and material costs seldom decline.  Excessive mud eats it. Watching noxious weeds grow sucks. The mommy in law will peg you as lazy.

Anyone who has read the book or seen the movie Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House can relate to the above information.  Not all disasters turn out as well as Cary Grant’s did.

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