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How is ALK & Associates different from the competition?

Reasons why it would be absurd not doing business with us:

We’ve been doing this stuff in the Valley for over 30 years.

We believe a written Code of Ethics and Standards is important for every business. You are entitled to receive a copy in person or by e-mail.

We believe the products of our services will, in the long run, generate extra value for the homeowner.

Our clients are entitled to free 30 day telephone consultation after the blueprint is delivered. (limitations apply: we’re glad to help you out, but wouldn’t hold your hand)

When you engage us, we become a member of your team, aiming toward the same goals and results.

You have control.  Clients are our boss, our only boss.  Rest assured that before we leave your home you will be confident we understand the situation from your point of view.

No shortcuts.  We’ll invest the proper amount of time and effort to correctly design your project or we won’t accept it.

We put you at ease.  We like making the process fun.

Many of our new assignments come from referrals; we have earned our “trusted advisor” status prior to meeting new clients.

And finally…something to ponder:

In a recent survey, 48% of homeowners indicated dissatisfaction with either the design or installation phase of their project.  26% stated frustration was the chief reason they gave up on searching for a preferred company, settling instead on the first seemingly acceptable company to do the project.  And in the process, 22% felt they over paid.  Now you can stack the odds in your favor when it comes to starting the process correctly.  For over 30 years we have been in the business of helping clients obtain the landscape they need, want and deserve.  There is honest value received for your hard earned dollar.   Andrew Kozik and Associates 480-474-4677. 

Andrew Kozik and Associates Landscape Designers | (P) 480-474-4677 | Chandler, Arizona |
Andy Koizik

Since 1974